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I was born in Boston, Massachusetts in the 1980's. I spent days at my parent’s auto-body shop in Malden, and rode twenty miles home every night to rural Boxford. I felt at home in both the working class city and the town that balanced its natural beauty with a homogenous middle class. I learned crafts, did lots of theater and music, and as the only child of a blue-collar craftsman I picked-up woodworking, and autobody.

At the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University, I majored in oil painting, worked in the woodshop, and maintained the student gallery. Since graduation I have worked only in art related fields. For 3 years I worked as a scenic painter, making large-scale murals on a tight schedule with no assistance. At first it took me weeks to paint a set, and after honing my skills I could paint elaborate backdrops in less than a weekend.

In 2008 I traveled alone to Japan, an experience that changed me greatly, artistically and personally. Soon after I launched my own business. As owner and operator of ArtGal Fine Arts Services, I hire out my artistic, woodworking, and design skills to other artists. My skills range from canvas construction and framing art, to graphic design, photography of artwork, writing and editing.

In 2011 and beyond, I hope to focus on my own artistic advancement and furthering my skills as a designer.